20 Brands of Drinking Water Declared Unsafe for Human Consumption

The government declared the water of 20 brands of bottled drinking water (mineral water) unsafe for human consumption.

Feb 4, 2023 - 11:45
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20 Brands of Drinking Water Declared Unsafe for Human Consumption

In the interest of public health, the Pakistani government has instructed the Pakistan Council for Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) to monitor mineral water brands on a quarterly basis and to report its findings. In the months of October through December of 2022, 168 samples of mineral water from various brands were collected from 22 cities.

Twenty brands of mineral water were found to be inappropriate for human consumption as a result of microbiological or chemical contamination when the test findings of these samples were compared to Pakistan Criteria and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) mineral water standards. are secure.

Due to their excessive sodium level, 12 brands, including Best Natural, Excellent Natural, Clear, Pinar, Nano, Ice Drop, Premium Safa, Orville, Indus, Manwa Kashf, Barsay, and Nayab Pure Life, were deemed dangerous.

One brand, "Nayab Pure Life," was determined to be unsafe owing to the presence of TDS over-recommended limits, while the other two brands, "Excellent Natural" and "Aqua One," were found to be unsafe due to the presence of potassium above the prescribed range.

According to PCRWR, eight other products (Alpha Premium, Asberg, Aqua Pack, Sip Up, Ever Pure, Noble, Nano, and Asha) are microbiologically contaminated and should not be consumed.

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