Avoid common pitfalls when hiring an SEO company. Learn the top 5 costly mistakes and ensure you choose the right experts for your business growth.

Jul 10, 2024 - 17:33
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As a powerful tool for strengthening online presence, SEO can help businesses attract more visitors to their site, generate leads and revenue. However, as many businesses lack the resources and time to undertake such campaigns therefore, they outsource their SEO needs to a company, yet not every SEO company can help businesses realize their goals. An SEO company can have a significant impact on businesses and choosing wrongly can be very costly and counterproductive. As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure and this article will explore some of the common mistakes to avoid when choosing and hiring a digital marketing company in Chandigarh

Not doing enough research: one of the common mistakes done when hiring a SEO company is lack or little research done. At a glance almost all SEO companies are great; have teams made of experts with notable portfolios, great reputation among others and people tend to hire the first one they come across. But further research proves that they are too good to be true. Moreover, there will be genuine ones but might lack experience in your field of business. Before hiring a SEO company, you need to evaluate the companies’ website and social media handle to gain a rough idea of their services, experience, prices, portfolio etc. you can also examine their customer reviews and testimonials to get a feel of what to expect. Better yet, ask for referrals from other businesses in your field of work or from your personal networks. 

Choosing the cheapest option: sometimes businesses tend to go with an SEO company that offers the cheapest packages and this can be a costly mistakes. While not all companies quoting higher prices necessarily generate results based solutions, going by the cheapest option can also lead to poorer quality in work that does not yield any substantial benefit as well as a waste in time and resources. A good SEO company provide transparent and detailed breakdown of the services and pricing as well as being front about any additional charges and costs. As such make realistic budgets with allowances to ensure a smooth SEO marketing campaign. 

Hiring based on instant results: all businesses aim to achieve their goals withing the shortest time possible so it is not surprising for businesses to choose an agency that offers or promises overnight results. But SEO takes time to manifest and show results as it is a long-term strategy and using underhand means like black hat though shows results in a short time, it harms your website in the long run. The right best Shopify Development Company in Chandigarh provides realistic timelines for achieving expected results, and uses ethical methods like white hat strategies to make your website rank higher on leading search engine results pages and increase its visibility. 

Hiring companies with ready-made packages: all businesses are different from each other even if they are into the same field, therefore, the strategies used for company A might not necessarily work for company B. with different websites comes different goals, needs, target markets, competitors and values hence it is imperative to tailor customized solutions for each business. Hence, avoid dealing with businesses that offer ready made packages and rather allow for a customized package to be designed for you based on your target market, goals, competition, specifications and budget. Never work with an SEO company that does not take time to understand your business. 

Hiring mainly based on location: with the advancements and revolutions in technology, it is laughable hiring a SEO company solely based on their demographics. What you should keep a look for more is their experience in your field, their expertise, their services and pricing policies, customer approach in fact everything other than their location should be your priority. 

Failing to conduct interviews: just because a SEO company meets your specifications does not mean you should outrightly hire them. talk to them through mock interviews, ask all the relevant questions and voice out all your doubts to help you shed light on some details. You can also cross check with them about their services, case studies, pricing policies, availability, experience, request a quote and so on.  

Additional tips to keep in mind 

Set realistic goals and budget 

Look for a SEO company with a team of diverse SEO skill sets 

Be clear on their work ethics 

Get a detailed contract 

Evaluate their communication style 


By doing your due diligence and avoiding these costly mistakes, you are set and ready to choose a reliable and reputable SEO company to help promote the growth of your business. An SEO company like Base2Brand Infotech Pvt. Ltd is a game changer and can help you take your business to the next level even as they increase visibility, generate more leads and encourage sales and total revenue. 

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