Compared to China, US-India partnership Targets Weapons and Artificial Intelligence

The White House is launching a partnership with India that President Joe Biden hopes will help the countries compete with China on equipment, semiconductors and artificial intelligence (AI).

Feb 3, 2023 - 19:53
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Compared to China, US-India partnership Targets Weapons and Artificial Intelligence

According to the report of the news agency “Reuters”, Washington, to stop China’s Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. from installing more Western mobile phone networks in the subcontinent, welcoming more Indian computer chip experts to the United States and companies from both countries. Weapons, such as artillery systems, want to encourage partnerships. So far, the White House faces a growing challenge on all fronts, including the transfer of military technology and US bans on visas for immigrant workers, as well as India’s long-standing dependence on Moscow for military equipment, but it remains hopeful.


Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jack Sullivan and his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval met with senior officials from the two countries at the White House to launch a US-India initiative on critical and emerging technologies.


Jack Sullivan said that China’s biggest challenge is its economic actions, its aggressive military actions, its attempt to dominate the industries of the future and influence the supply chain of the future.


He said it is an important core component of an overall strategy to provide a strong position to the entire democratic world in the Indo-Pacific. Meanwhile, New Delhi has irked Washington by increasing military exercises and purchases of crude oil with Russia, which is the main source of funding for Russia’s war in Ukraine.


On Monday, the Indian and US national security advisers attended a chamber of commerce event attended by corporate leaders from Lockheed Martin Corporation, Adani Enterprises and Applied Materials Inc. India, which is part of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) signed by the Biden administration on supply chains, clean energy and anti-corruption, has not joined the IPEF trade talks. The new project also includes joint efforts on space and high-performance quantum computing.


General Electric Co., meanwhile, is seeking permission from the U.S. government to jointly develop jet engines with India that would power Indian-built and operated aircraft, and is under review, according to the White House.

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