Google has Released New Security Features for Chrome on Mobile Devices.

Internet’s largest search engine Google has introduced new tools for mobile users while improving security features on its Chrome browser.

Feb 4, 2023 - 11:38
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Google has Released New Security Features for Chrome on Mobile Devices.

In a blog post from Google, it was mentioned that the security of Google Chrome’s incognito mode on mobile has been improved. Now, whenever users turn off the phone while using the inky mode on their mobile, they will have to identify themselves to use the inky mode again. Under the mentioned feature, now users will have to verify their identity through fingerprint on the mobile. However, in mobiles that do not have a fingerprint sensor, the security of the inky mode can be improved with the help of a code.


Google said in its blog that usually when users search for a content on mobile under security mode in anonymous mode and later their mobile is in the hands of another person, they can go to the said page and see the history of the user. Generally, the Inky mode is automatically turned off after closing the mobile or Google Chrome and the Inky mode does not open when the mobile is reopened, however, some users are concerned about their privacy being leaked.


Google’s Incognito Mode is an incognito browser that does not save internet search history, nor does Google retain any data about content viewed on said browser. However, the internet service provider must have access to the content viewed on the said browser, they are able to have access to all the user’s history. Google said in a blog post that the feature to regain access to incognito mode on mobile was already being used by iOS users and now Android users have also been given access to it, but some users have immediate access to the said feature. It won’t happen. Also, the company said that to use the said feature, mobile users will have to first go to their Chrome settings and turn on the incognito mode in the privacy and security section.

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