Strip Poker Game: How is it played?

Strip poker is the best and most popular platform where you can play your favourite games and win real coins and have lots of fun.

Jun 29, 2024 - 13:55
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Strip Poker Game: How is it played?

Strip Poker is a fun way of adding some naughty twists and fun to your home games. In case you do not know what is strip poker this is the perfect blog for you to learn about the game and how you can play it. 

Strip Poker Game - What is this game?

Strip Poker (SP) is a poker variant involving players removing their clothes when they lose, in other words, the loser in a hand will have to remove a piece of clothing as a punishment. This format of poker adds fun, risk and humour of embarrassing your friends and it is best played with rum with you as SP as clothing replaces chips. Strip poker can be played in any variant of poker with just the addition of the rule of removing clothes. 

Embrace yourself to enjoy the game of Strip Poker - 

Are you excited to play this very exciting game of Strip Poker with your friends? Well, before you begin playing you need to ensure that the friends with whom you are going to play the game are open-minded enough to be comfortable in taking off clothes or else the game won’t be fun. You must also have a deck of cards with you to begin with the game along with some poker chips and once you are ready with these essentials you can clarify your rules and get started with the game. 

Getting started with the Strip Poker game in a few steps - 

Strip poker games can be played with the traditional Texas Hold’em game and rules with some added rules. So, the first thing is to set up the game for which you need to ensure that everybody has an equal number of chips and each chip is allocated to one piece of clothing to avoid confusion later on. 

Shuffling and dealing with the cards comes next like any other game for which you can begin by washing them which simply means spreading the cards with their face down and mixing them up. 

When this is finished you should deal two cards to each player which they are allowed to see and in the next step two bonus cards will also be dealt but with a face downward and the players aren’t allowed to look at them. 

Dealing the flop and providing a chance to change comes next where the players can change their cards which are down-faced in a blind exchange because once the cards are discarded they will not be taken back. 

Get ahead with dealing with the rest of the communal board and then burn another card face-down. After repeating the process you will find that there are five communal cards in the middle of the table and the players can use these cards on their own to make the best 5-card poker hand. It is now up to you to decide when you expose the cards. 

Begin the game now and as per strip poker rules the loser will have to take off a piece of clothing and the player with the most clothing is the winner. 

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