The HIV second Protection vaccine trial also failed

The American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine trial, designed to prevent or protect against HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has also failed.

Feb 3, 2023 - 18:04
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The HIV second Protection vaccine trial also failed

Earlier in February 2020, the trial of a vaccine made by the US government in collaboration with various medical and pharmaceutical organizations also failed. After another consecutive trial of a vaccine designed to protect against HIV failed, experts were alarmed and further trials of Johnson & Johnson's vaccine were halted. According to Reuters, Johnson & Johnson's vaccine trial was started in 2019 and the trial phase was the most important, but the results were not good.


A vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson in partnership with another company to prevent HIV was tested on volunteers from 50 different regions of the world. The said vaccine was tested on 3900 people living in 50 different regions of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Spain, and the United States. Among the people on whom the vaccine was tested were transgender, transgender, and homosexual people. Experts hoped that the vaccine would show substantial results in the third and most important phase of the trial, but it did not and the vaccine failed to stop the HIV from multiplying.


Johnson & Johnson also confirmed in a statement on its website that the vaccine failed to stop the HIV from multiplying and did not strengthen the immune system of infected people, prompting it to stop further testing of the vaccine. Went The statement said that during the trial, all volunteers were given 4 vaccines every three months and a year, but all 50 sites tested negative, prompting the trial to be stopped.


The company expressed regret over the failure of a vaccine trial to prevent or protect against HIV, expressed sympathy for those affected by the virus, and hoped that a vaccine would be available for patients in the future. After the failure of the above vaccine, another successive vaccine trial designed to protect against HIV failed.


However, at least three HIV vaccines from different multinational pharmaceutical companies are currently being tested, and experts are hopeful that their results will be encouraging. At present, HIV patients are being treated with various drugs, but no vaccine is available to protect them. Remember that HIV was recognized after 1980, and people infected with this virus become victims of AIDS.


There is no vaccine available to prevent this virus or disease, but American scientists, in collaboration with experts from other countries of the world, developed a vaccine in 1997. After several more years of research on the vaccine developed in 1997, scientists claimed to have it ready and began testing it in 2016, but it also failed. Johnson & Johnson also developed a vaccine a few years back and started testing the vaccine in 2019, but unfortunately, their vaccine trial also failed.

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